Animal Adoption Center

Opening Autumn 2016.

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Our Mission

To support the dogs and cats in our community through pet adoption, spay/neuter assistance, and educational programs to promote pet retention in animal loving families.

Our Organization

Animal Rescue of Queens, Inc. (ARQ) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and was founded in 2013. ARQ purchased a building and will be converting the space into an Animal Adoption Center. It is located in Long Island City, Queens. Our adoptable dogs and cats will receive a high level of care, and will be taught the skills needed to make transitioning into a home as seamless as possible, for them and their adopters. To do this, the center will be set up with rooms and not cages. The rooms will contain home furnishings, just as would be seen in a home environment. Because we recognize that dogs and cats are social creatures, we will emphasize playgroups and co-habitation. We will rely on encouragement-based training techniques and classic conditioning for behavior modification.

The Adoption Center will also be a destination for animal education in support of people in the community. By providing non-judgmental assistance to our neighbors on topics like animal care, low-cost to free spay and neuter surgeries, and animal advocacy, we will work to prevent animals from being separated with their families in the first place. Animal retention is an under-emphasized yet vital component of animal rescue, and is necessary to help NYC become 'No Kill'.

The Adoption Center will 'pull' dogs and cats from the municipal shelter. These are the animals most in need and at most risk. We won't be able to accept animal surrenders from the public, but when we receive these requests, we will take that opportunity to give our best advice on resources and training that often helps keep families together. If that isn't possible, then we will advise them on how to best search in their own personal network for a new and appropriate home.

We'll partner with local cat rescue groups that work Trap/Neuter/Return projects, and we're going to provide a quiet and clean recovery space for trapped feral cats to heal after surgery.

How You Can Help


We're a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and 100% of donations are fully tax deductible. All donations will go towards the renovation of the property for the Animal Adoption Center. The property is nearly 2000 square feet in Long Island City, Queens. It is a bare rectangular space, in need of repair for the roof, electrical, plumbing, as well as a build-out of animal friendly spaces for the dogs and cats to relax during the day. We are working with an eco-friendly general contractor to work up quotes. The general estimate stands at $200,000. We need help for this, because we've spent a good deal to acquire the property, as well as paying off our mortgage. We'd very much appreciate a donation to our Renovation Fund via PayPal.


Our Animal Adoption Center will rely heavily on volunteer support. We'll need help to walk dogs, socialize cats, promote our organization, even do some housecleaning and painting. We'll never be at a loss for work. We will also need volunteer "Ambassadors" to provide adoption counseling, respond to public inquiries, and give tours. And for those interested in more hands-on learning, we'll instruct you to reinforce the training and behavioral work we've done with our dog and cats.

Today, we need skilled help with the renovation in the areas of design, roofing, electrical, flooring and plumbing.

If you have other ideas on how you can help, or any questions about volunteering, please contact us at

Thank You!